The Hunger Games: Haymitch's 10 Most Memorable Quotes (2023)

One of the wisest characters in the series is undoubtedly Haymitch Abernathy, Katniss's mentorfor the Games. He may spend more time drunk than sober, but somehow that makes him seem smarter. He knows a lot about the Games and the Capitol from his experience as a Victor, and once he sees the potential in Peeta and Katniss, he starts sharing his knowledge with them.


Without Haymitch,The Hunger Gamessimply wouldn't be the same. He lightens up the tone and reminds Katniss and Peeta of what's really at stake. He always sees the bigger picture and does his best to keep his Tributes alive. His wry humor and witty wisdom make him one of the most quotable characters of the series.

"Look At You! Just KilledA ... Placemat."

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On the first trip to the Capitol, Katniss is unwilling to speak to either Peeta or Haymitch. She's frustrated by Haymitch's carelessness and drunkenness and demands that he help them. To get his attention, she stabs the table between his fingers. This heralds Effie's most iconic moment of the series ("That is mahogany!") but it's also an opportunity for Haymitch to give Katniss some advice.

He teases her about the placemat but is clearly impressed by her skills and audacity. When they arrive at the Capitol, Peeta smiles and waves to the crowd through the window. Haymitch yanks the knife out of the table. "You better keep this knife. He knows what he's doing," he says,looking meaningfully at Peeta.

"He Made You Look Desirable, Which, In Your Case, Can't Hurt, Sweetheart."

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After Peeta's interview with Ceasar Flickerman, Katniss bursts out into the hall and attacks him. Haymitch is quick to cool her temper, simultaneously insulting her and giving her wise advice.

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"It's a television show," he explains, "and being in love with that boymight just get you sponsors which could save your damn life." Peeta's confession makes Katniss look desirable, something that Haymitch struggles to see in Katniss.

"Embrace The Probability Of Your Imminent Death, And Know, In Your Heart, That There's Nothing I Can Do To Save You."

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Haymitch doesn't make a great first impression with either Katniss or Peeta. He's drunk, disheveled, and doesn't care a whit about either of them. When they ask him for advice, he tells them to acknowledge that they're about to die.

Angry, Katniss asks him why he's even there. "The refreshments," he explains, holding up his glass. Peeta begins to stand and take his drink away, but Haymitch pushes him back into his seat with his foot. He composes himself and looks down to find that he's spilled the drink. "Made me spill my drink - brand new pants."

"And That, My Friends, Is How A Revolution Dies."

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After a long separation, Haymitch shows up inMockingjayto find Katniss shooting propos for District 13. She's definitely not an actress, though, and everybody in the room is underwhelmed by her performance.

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Haymitch struts in, applauding sarcastically. "And that, my friends, is how a revolution dies." It's a perfect entrance forthe character after such a long absence and in typical Haymitch fashion. Katniss glares at him, which prompts him to ask, "Is that how you greet an old friend?"

"Loosen Your Corset, Have A Drink."

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Haymitch is known to tease Effie and make fun of her outfits, but by the end of the series, it seems that he's really warmed up to her. After Katniss's first interview with Caesar, Haymitch says something to Effie, followed by, "Nice dress, too. Not yours," he says with a glance at Effie before turning back to Katniss.

After Katniss's test with the Gamemakers, Effie is horrified, to say the least. She fears that something terrible will happen to their entire team, but instead, Katniss scores an 11. "Nice shooting, sweetheart," Haymitch commends her. Meanwhile, Effie is pacing the room, squawking like a bird. Haymitch further insults herwith another sly comment on her outfit.

"You Could Live A Hundred Lifetimes And Never Deserve That Boy."

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InCatching Fire,Peeta and Katniss agree to get married to convince Snow of their love, but Peeta becomes even more upset. Ever since returning to District 12, he's been avoiding Katniss and treating her coldly. Of course, his behavior is understandable, but Katniss doesn't get it.

Haymitch explains that Peeta's intentions have always been pure and true and that everything he did in the Games to protect Katniss came from the goodness of his heart. Even after returning home and finding out that she only used him to survive, he continues protecting her and helping her family. Katniss can only agree when Haymitch says she'll never deserve him.

"Nobody Ever Wins The Games. Period. There Are Survivors ... No Winners."

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Since Peeta doesn't want to be around her and Gale doesn't understand, Katniss spends a lot of time with Haymitch after the Games. She goes to his house to drink when things get really bad.


Katniss comments on the fact that nobody decent ever wins the Games - except for Peeta, that is. She considers herself to be a cold-hearted killer like the rest of the Victors, but Haymitch disagrees. Victors aren't winners; they're subject to a life of horror and trauma. The last ones standings are simply those who were tough or smart enough to survive.

"Stay Alive."

When Peeta and Katniss first ask Haymitch for advice, he declines to answer. He's never had a Victor before, so heassumesthat these two Tributes will also behopeless.

He sarcastically tells them to stay alive, but throughout the first film, the phrase gains weight. He says it to them unironically and sends a message to Katniss in the arena when it becomes likely that she has a chance of winning. In the second film, "Stay alive" becomes a sort of parting catchphrase. It's all Haymitch can say to Katniss before they get into the arena.

"This Trip Doesn't End When We Get Back Home. You Never Get Off This Train."

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During the Victors' Tour, Katniss and Peeta witness a horrific execution in District 11. Katniss is dragged from the stage, kicking and screaming. Haymitch tries to calm her down as she pleads with him to just help her get through this trip. She reveals that Snow visited her in her house to warn and threaten her.

Haymitch brings her back to reality. "You two are mentors now. From now on, your job is to be a distraction, so people forget what the real problems are.” The prospect of having to keep performing for the rest of her life horrifies Katniss even more.

"Remember Who The Real Enemy Is."

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These words stay with Katniss more than anything else Haymitch ever says. It's something she often forgets, focusing on the smaller issues instead of the bigger picture. In the Quarter Quell, she's too preoccupiedwith keeping Peeta safe and not trusting the other Tributes that she forgets what's really at stake.

In fact, Haymitch has planted these words in Katniss's mind so that she remembers at the critical moment what she's fighting for. He knows that at some point, she'll be distracted and forget. Finnick, along with everyone else in on the plan to disrupt the Games, knows that these are the words to tell Katniss to let her know she should trust them.

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