20 songs about loving someone you can't have (with videos) (2023)

Loving someone is an amazing feeling if the other person feels the same way about you. Musicians have for the longest time made tracks about love and heartbreaks that their fans can resonate with. Songs about loving someone you can’t have are popular and widely played. The tracks often talk about the artiste's experiences, how they dealt with breakups or just what they observed happened to other people.

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Love can be a beautiful thing and a sad thing. It is important to note the feelings or the person you are falling for and ensure that they feel the same way about you. Keep things casual between yourself and the person you are hooking up with, and do not invest your emotions in them if they act as if they do not want to commit.

10 songs about loving someone you can't have

Loving someone you can’t have is heartbreaking. However, you should not dwell on the negative but instead focus on the positivity the world has to offer. Here are amazing songs to help you cope with the situation:

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1. All By Myself – Céline Dion

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Celine Dion makes remarkable love and heartbreak songs. She is one of the musicians that are still relevant in international music despite her advanced age. This song is for everyone suffering from unrequited love. Individuals that feel like their love is not reciprocated can most undoubtedly see themselves in it.

2. Grenade – Bruno Mars

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Are you looking for songs about wanting someone you shouldn't? Play Bruno Mars’s Grenade. The lyrics “I’ll catch a grenade for ya” are still popular across the world. For a while, they were used to prove to those in love how far they would go for their partners. As you catch the grenade for them, though, can they do the same for you?

3. Needles and Pins – The Searchers

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Needles and Pins is a good song to time travel with. Though the track is about unreciprocated love, The Searchers made a happy melody that one cannot resist singing along to. You can party to Needles and Pins despite the subject matter of the song. The verses and hooks are all you need to hear to get into the party mood.

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4. Dancing On My Own – Robyn / Calum Scott

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(Video) Top 20 WTF Were They Thinking Music Videos

How hard is it to watch the person you love hook up with someone else? Dancing on My Own captures the emotional turmoil and heartbreak of being single. It is a lovely song, and Robyn’s version is unquestionably better off due to making you want to move your feet. The track is one of the most iconic songs about wrong love.

5. Moving On and Getting Over – John Mayer

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Who does not like John Mayer's voice? The man sings about moving on and getting over it, and he makes it sound so flawless. This song will have you think of your priorities and help you transform into a more grown and better individual. You can add Moving On and Getting Over on your songs about falling in love with someone you can't have a playlist.

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6. Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye

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That period after a break up when the person you loved feels like a stranger is the worst. Suddenly they are just somebody you used to know. Gotye will make you teary with this track as it brings both good and bad memories. You should probably not play Somebody That I Used To Know if you get emotional fast.

7. Everything You Want – Vertical Horizon

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This is another finest songs about love that can never be. This track was one of the hottest on the charts in 1999 and 2000. It is about falling in love with someone who you thought was right for you, only for the opposite to happen. Everything You Want talks about life’s disappointment and how one gets to be a wreck when they do not get what they wish for.

8. To Know Him Is to Love Him – Amy Winehouse

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The whole world was sad when Amy Winehouse passed on. The talented singer had many gems in her catalogue, and one of them was the song To Know Him Is to Love Him. This song gives you that feeling of one day he will know that you are meant for him. It is one of the deepest and most passionate Amy Winehouse songs.

9. It’s a Heartache – Bonnie Tyler

(Video) I'll Never Love Again (from A Star Is Born) (Official Music Video)

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You can literally feel the pain in the singer's voice when playing this song. The vocals are nice, and the instrumentals smooth. Bonnie Tyler can make you reflect on your past relationships and help you make decisions about your prospects. It's a Heartache cut deep for those that have experienced what Bonnie sings about.

10. It Should Have Been Me – Andreas Johnson

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This is a song everyone should love. It’s glitzy, sad and that gloomy weather-weekend kind of feeling. Andreas Johnson will have you feel helpless if you give love while expecting them to love you back only to be disappointed. The lyrics “It should have been me. It should have been my kind of love” never stop ringing in your head.

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11. Creep – Radiohead

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This song is a gem for days. Don’t you wish you were someone’s special? Creep will have you think about all the good things you could do to your lover, who is not really your lover. It is a song about extraordinary moments for the beautiful people you wish you had.

12. To Be With You – Mr Big

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Songs about being in love with someone who is taken can be sweet and depressing at the same time. Have you ever craved to be with someone all day and night only for them to be unavailable? This track captures all the emotions that go on with the song. It is a song enjoyed by both old listeners and young listeners.

13. Cecilia – Simon and Garfunkel

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60s music will always sound magical. Simon and Garfunkel is a great song, only that the theme of the song makes one dejected and sad. Cecilia must have hurt deeply for Simon and Garfunkel to come up with this song. She goes home with everyone, something that does not make Simon and Garfunkel happy.

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(Video) Bon Jovi - This Ain't A Love Song (Official Music Video)

14. You Belong with Me – Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift has been a favourite singer for many teens, thanks to her songs' subject matter. In this track, she shares experiences of people that are always there for each other. You Belong With Me is one of the ultimate songs about soulmates that can't be together.

15. The Kill – 30 Seconds To Mars

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30 Seconds to Mars made this song for everyone who has ever gone through a terrible breakup. The rock band sang about facing one’s fears and becoming who one truly is. If you love listening to sad songs with guitars on, then The Kill is the song for you. It will make you understand that you do not try to be something that you are not.

16. Love Stinks – The J Geils Band

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Listening to this song will have you question so many things about yourself. Are you good enough? Do people don’t just like you? Is it worth it to try and fall in love with the person you have been eyeing?

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Love stinks if you get to be the only one in love. Travel to 1980 and enjoy this beautiful but ad song.

17. Love Yourself – Justin Bieber

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Love Yourself is a Justin Bieber hit that reminds you of the person you are in love with but cannot access. You probably want to reach out but is the other party-ready? The track is just about what the title says, loving yourself and caring about yourself more. Move on to what matters.

18. Take a Bow – Rihanna

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(Video) Selena Gomez - Same Old Love

Rihanna may have taken a break from singing, but her songs are still massively played. The Fenty queen made Take a Bow remind everyone of the heartbreaking time where the person they loved betrayed them. Are you good at taking disappointments? Will you take your cheating partner back or sing Take a Bow?

19. All to Myself – Marianas Trench

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There are so many songs about unrequited love, and All To Myself is among those top the list. Marianas Trench's song will make you regret falling in love with someone that does not care about you. The track can make one emotional and evoke strong feelings. There are plenty of life lessons in the song, and the listener gets to enjoy the good lyrics.

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20. If I Could Turn Back Time – Cher

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Talk about we can't be together songs, and you have this Cher classic. She is a musical legend for many. In this song, the singer takes fans back in time and gets them to think of the good old days when things were all rosy in the relationship. Would you stay if you turned back time, or are you just unlucky when it comes to loving the right people?

There is a sigh of relief for many when they hear about other people's heartbreaks. That is why music is therapeutic, as it conveys what many want to talk about. Songs about loving someone you can’t have do not sound as agonizing if you have undergone the excruciating experience of being ignored or being betrayed by the person you love.

Yen.com.gh highlighted on 9th July the latest Fameye songs to listen to in 2020 (with videos). Peter Famiyeh Bozah, popularly known as Fameye, is a rapper from Bogoso, Ghana. He had been singing for years before his breakthrough. Nothing I Get remix is one of Fameye songs that made him a national sensation.

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Fameye songs always have a lesson. It may be a simple lesson, but the artiste never fails to make his listeners reflect on certain issues in society. He has a way of passing his messages through his music, making him unique in a pool of rappers who often rap instead of creating individual sounds.

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